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Fetterman, Best Buy Gets in Tough, USA Today, Dec. 2006. “Best Buy gets in touch with its feminine side; Chain wants to be much more than a toy store for big boys” I. Feminization at Best Buy a. "personal shopping assistant" will help with everything b. "Geek Squad" c. Aisles have been widened for baby strollers II. Support a. Women now influence 90% of consumer electronics purchases b. look of the big-screen TV to the color of the iPod speakers for the living room c. Consumer Electronics Association: says women influence 57% of purchases III. Female criticism a. "Blue Shirts" were dismissive. b. "Women couldn't get anyone to help them"
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Unformatted text preview: IV. "Customer-centric" a. Barry (an affluent tech enthusiast) 300 stores b. Jill (a busy suburban mom) personal shopping assistants c. Buzz (a young gadget fiend) lots of video games d. Ray (a price-conscious family guy) focused on low prices V. Magnolia Hi-Fi a. In-home media room displays VI. Training and hiring a. "We're recruiting from Nordstrom's, Victoria's Secret, Origins or other stores where women love to shop" b. Women's Leadership Forum (WoLF) and Entrepreneurial Initiatives i. Monthly female meeting at Best Buy...
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