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Moreno, Vican Tan Sun, HouChron, Sept. 2007. “RETAILING / Vican Tan Sun opened Sun’s Club, similar to Sam’s Club with a crucial difference: It targets Asian consumers / A niche warehouse club.” I. Sun’s Club a. cater to Asian families b. membership card and warehouse-style (like Sam's Club and Costco) c. While many of his customers are Asian, Tan also carries items for the non-Asian residents of the area, who include a growing Hispanic population.
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Unformatted text preview: II. Edward Weller, an analyst a. “I think every retailer has to target to the special taste of the community it serves or fail." III. Advantages a. communicate with them in their language b. Fluent in three Chinese dialects, Vietnamese, English and French IV. Empire a. Viet Hoa International Foods, A.F. Wholesale Food Club, Kingsway Buffet Restaurant and the Beltway Plaza shopping center...
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