NOT LIKELY Flandez Barter Fits the Bill-OUTLINE

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Flandez, Barter Fits the Bill, WSJ, Feb. 2009. “Barter Fits the Bill for Strapped Firms” I. Barter a. Growing b. Daniel Blank, creative director at Bureau Blank Inc. i. accounting and finance operations for shape company's communications strategy c. many finding it difficult to borrow d. Atlanta Refrigeration Service Co. i. Unpaid bill will be satisfied with catering services ii. "critical to us in this recession," says Dave Brautigan, Atlanta Refr. II. Barter services (all growing) a. "Trade dollars" b.
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Unformatted text preview: c. BizXChange Inc. d. III. Service users a. Viscape Ltd., an Arlington, Va (vacation properties) i. gave clients free ads on its site in return for discounted or free hotel rooms ii. bartering strategy to hire staff b. Eddie Bolch, owner of Specialty Moving & Delivery in Savannah, Ga i. moving services for business cards c. Matthew Weiss, president of Weiss & Associates PC (traffic tickets) i. "It takes work"- painters out of pocket...
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