VERY LIKELY Best Buy Cha In Retail Profiling for Profit-OUTLINE

VERY LIKELY Best Buy Cha In Retail Profiling for Profit-OUTLINE

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Cha, In Retail Profiling for Profit, WashPost, Aug. 2005. “In Retail, Profiling for Profit; Best Buy Stores Cater to Specific Customer Types” I. Jenine Bryant, Best Buy a. “Jill”- code name for a soccer-mom type who is the main shopper for the family but usually avoids electronics stores i. pink umbrellas ii. giant posters II. Consumer data a. Express- no returns from repeat returners b. Filene's Basement- ban a few customers
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Unformatted text preview: III. Inspiration- Columbia University Professor Larry Selden's book, "Angel Customers and Demon Customers IV. Jill "customer centricity" a. shops a few times a year -- usually twice -- at an electronics store, but she usually spends a significant amount b. Jills have increased their spending at the Santa Rosa store by 30 percent...
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