Hamner Cashing in on Doctors Thinking OUTLINE

Hamner Cashing in - d Sermo offers MDs a cut of the action e signed up 15,000 physicians-making it the most popular social network ahead of sites

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Hamner, Cashing in on Doctors’ Thinking, Bus 2.0, June 2007. “Cashing In on Doctors' Thinking” SERMO LETS INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS LISTEN IN--FOR A PRICE--AS PHYSICIANS TALK AMONG THEMSELVES. Daniel Palestrant, Sermo a. social network for MDs b. Vioxx might be speeding heart problems c. makes its money by charging institutional investors
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Unformatted text preview: d. Sermo offers MDs a cut of the action e. signed up 15,000 physicians--making it the most popular social network; ahead of sites such as DoctorNetworking.com and DocsBoard.com II. Problems a. Byetta- claim was false III. Success a. Provenge, Dendreon's drug for treating late-stage prostate cancer (APPROVED)...
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