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Kang Clothes Made Abroad-OUTLINE - b COMPANIES i Alarmex...

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Kang, Clothes Made Abroad, WSJ, Nov. 2006. “Clothes Made Abroad Create Factory Jobs In L.A. for Mr. Fix-It Barry Forman Left Rag Trade, But Is Back, Salvaging Flawed Chinese Garments.” I. Barry Forman a. The work was going overseas, lured by dramatically lower labor costs in China b. Forman retired II. Overseas garment factories, it turns out, make their share of mistakes a. isn't feasible to send them back for repairs
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Unformatted text preview: b. COMPANIES i. Alarmex Holdings ii. Santa Fe Finishing fixes 1. Victoria's Secret, Barneys New York and Wal-Mart c. "What the hell do you do when your goods are from 9,000 miles away?" d. No longer able to compete with low labor costs , garment industry adapted in order to survive e. Apparel and textile imports into the U.S. grew...
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