NOT LIKELY McGray Babes in R&D Toyland-OUTLINE

NOT LIKELY McGray Babes in R&D Toyland-OUTLINE - II...

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“Babes in an RD Toyland” I. Fisher-Price build toys, Tina Zinter-Chahin a. Play Lab, the only full-time, on-site facility b. Test prototypes c. creation and (attempted) destruction happily coexist d. Magna Doodle's defenses against the simple pleasures of preschool play. "They beat on them!"
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Unformatted text preview: II. Infants are the harshest critics. Show babies something that they don't like, and they'll cry, push it away, or throw it on the floor. Drool, however, is high praise. a. View-Master, eyepieces slightly wider b. “I can come down here and learn something in five minutes that I could spend weeks wondering about."...
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