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Lohr, Reaping Results: Data Mining, NYT, May 2007. “Reaping Results: Data-Mining Goes Mainstream.” I. Rodney Monroe, became chief in 2005 a. neighborhood demographics and payday schedules, for example, or about weather, traffic patterns and sports events to try to predict where crimes might occur. b. high rate of robberies on paydays in Hispanic neighborhoods, where fewer people use banks and where customers leaving check-cashing stores were easy targets for robbers i. extra police were deployed ii. crime rate in Richmond declined about 20 percent II. Big retailers like Wal-Mart Stores and Kohl’s use today’s advanced computing and math to more accurately predict what sizes of clothes should go to what stores III. Harrah’s and other casinos decipher slot-machine results to optimize customer traffic and profits, and they use face-recognition software to identify people with criminal records
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Unformatted text preview: IV. In the financial industry, Capital One and other banks mine all kinds of transaction data to identify, and stop, fraudulent transactions V. Cemex , the big cement company, uses global positioning satellite locators and traffic and weather data to improve delivery-time performance in Mexico VI. Whirlpool , the appliance maker, has begun using new analytics software to automatically scan warranty reports as well as manufacturing, supplier, sales and service data to try to further trim its warranty costs and improve quality. VII. supplied by companies like SAS, Business Objects, Cognos , MicroStrategy and Information Builders VIII. Basem Nayfeh has a Ph.D. from Stanford, where he did his graduate research down the hall from one of Google s founders, Sergey Brin...
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