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Casey, Building an Edgier Barbie, WSJ, Dec. 2008. “Building an Edgier Barbie to Revive Franchise Sales “ Barbie 50th….sweeping makeover The goal: to make Barbie fashionable anchor of Mattel for decades But Barbie sales have been either flat or down lose its focus in the past decade as Mattel put the Barbie name on everything from animated cartoons to golf clubs. Barbie's packaging and ads, they found five different logos. Barbie's color, pink, also ran the gamut, with 15 different shades. Bratz line and, more recently, the Hannah Montana line, a Walt Disney Co. license won an intellectual-property suit that alleged that MGA had stolen early Bratz designs. Mattel launched a new line with Barbie dressed as Clara, a character from "The Nutcracker." regain the "tween" customers Barbie retail experience……an eight-story flagship store in Shanghai……will offer everything from a Barbie-themed spa to a $20,000 dress designed by Vera Wang. Brat, Heinz Seeks to Top Mexico’s Taste, WSJ, Nov. 2009. “Heinz Seeks to Tap Mexico's Taste for Ketchup.” Mexicans eat more ketchup by sales value than consumers in all but eight other countries H.J. Heinz Co. held less than 1% of the Mexican ketchup market. plan to boast that Heinz now accounts for 12% of the ketchup poured in Mexico The shift illustrates how Heinz is positioning itself for growth in emerging markets. Supplied Mexican outlets of Domino's Pizza Inc., Burger King Holdings Inc. and Yum Brands Inc.'s KFC brand. includes packets of ketchup with its pizza deliveries in Mexico. drip iodine onto dollops of Heinz and the rival….turn black—indicating the presence of starch—while Heinz's stayed the same color won contract to supply Domino's. Soon Heinz had the contract to supply all Burger King restaurants in Mexico TV ad, a boy held two paper plates containing Heinz and a generic ketchup at an angle; the Heinz stayed put. The market leader in the country, Del Monte Foods Co., claims about 30% of the market, with Sabormex SA de CV second at about 20%, according to Euromonitor. Flanigan, When Jeans Don’t Fit, WSJ, Sept. 2006.
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“When Jeans Don't Fit a Woman Past Adolescence, a Business Is Born” New York store in Beverly…. .fashionable pair of jeans didn't fit right Ms. Sandel, working with her father, George Rudes, at St. Germain, a maker of women's sportswear. Idea: ''making a jean for women who were not being paid attention to.'' Not Your Daughter's Jeans NYDJ. brought out the Tummy Tuck jean line ''We put in panels to reinforce the tummy,'' ''But we use stretch fabric so there is give in the thighs. This jean is made for women with curves.'' reaching the baby boomers who are in their 50's Tummy Tuck jeans are a fashion product, a niche in the enormous blue jeans market made in the United States from denim fabric imported from China. NYDJ, which does the designing, finishing and shipping, relies on a network of specialized factories to do the cutting,
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MARK 2 COMP outline - Casey Building an Edgier Barbie WSJ...

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