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Kinzie Swelling Textbook Costs - Kinzie, Swelling Textbook...

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Kinzie, Swelling Textbook Costs, WashPost, Nov. 2009. “Swelling Textbook Costs Have College Students Saying 'Pass'.” By Susan Kinzie A line twisted through the aisles of the bookstore at the University of the District of Columbia, students pushing their heavy baskets full of textbooks along with their feet, some adding up the prices in their heads as they waited. "Whooooo, it's bad," said Kisha Warren, who's studying art at UDC. "A lot of people don't buy the books," she said, because they're too expensive. As students come back to campus and get their spring semester assignments, many will pause in the bookstore and make a choice. They can buy everything on the syllabus -- or take a chance. Sometimes the math is easy: $189.75 for a thick text on principles of management? No thanks. Textbook prices have been rising at double the rate of inflation for the past two decades, according to a Government Accountability Office study. In Virginia, more than 40 percent of students surveyed by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia said they sometimes just do without. That's been increasing, said Jennifer Libertowski of the National Association of College Stores; recently, the group found that nearly 60 percent of students nationwide choose not to buy all the course materials. For those whose parents are writing $40,000-plus tuition checks every year and covering rent for a D.C. apartment, a few books might not seem like a big deal. But for students working to pay for school or for those whose parents sweat every increase in tuition, book prices can be a nasty surprise -- one more thing putting college out of reach. Students at four-year schools spent, on average, about $900 for books and supplies in 2003-04,
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Kinzie Swelling Textbook Costs - Kinzie, Swelling Textbook...

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