Casey Building an Edgier Barbie

Casey Building an Edgier Barbie - Casey, Building an Edgier...

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Casey, Building an Edgier Barbie, WSJ, Dec. 2008. “Building an Edgier Barbie to Revive Franchise Sales “ By NICHOLAS CASEY Barbie turns 50 next year, and her luster has faded over the years. Now, Mattel Inc. executives have begun a sweeping makeover of the doll's marketing in advance of her birthday. The company wants to return the doll to her roots, doing everything from revamping the corporate structure that oversees Barbie to changing the way the doll is photographed for ads. The goal: to make Barbie fashionable again with older girls, who are dropping her for other, edgier playthings like video games. The Barbie franchise has been an anchor of Mattel's business for decades, and sales of everything from Barbie DVDs to clothes will bring in an estimated $1.2 billion in revenue this year, accounting for about a fifth of the company's overall sales. A billboard shows Barbie's new look at the site of the Shanghai flagship store, which is scheduled to open next month. But Barbie sales have been either flat or down for five of the past seven years, and analysts expect sales to remain flat this year. "You could say that we lost our way," says Richard Dickson, the brand's new general manager. For years after her introduction in 1959, Barbie reflected and even shaped fashion trends with her bell-bottom pants and power suits. But the Barbie empire started to lose its focus in the past decade as Mattel put the Barbie name on everything from animated cartoons to golf clubs. That meant Mattel wasn't relying solely on doll revenue for the brand, but it also spawned
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Casey Building an Edgier Barbie - Casey, Building an Edgier...

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