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Assignment 7 In preparation for the lectures on vaccines, respond to the following questions about pathogens andvaccines. 1. One of the vaccines we will discuss is the vaccine against Bordetella pertussis . This is a Gram negative bacteria. Given what you know about Gram negative bacteria and about the host response to these bacteria, list some of the expected characteristics of this bacteria that you predict would be important in vaccine development. What types of bacterial antigens would you target? You don’t need to get specific or look anything up (unless you would like to). I just want you to think about this and apply what you already know from this course and your other microbiology courses. Being that it's Gram negative, it is highly responsive to the host's complement system. The membrane attack complex can form a hole in the bacteria and cause it to lyse. The vaccine must then be designed to activate the host's complement system and create memory antibodies. 2. We discussed in class the polysaccharide capsule of
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