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tooth development chart

tooth development chart - Neural crest cells Dentin Tooth...

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Tooth Development (Germ Layer Chart) Structure/Tissue Germ Layer What it forms Function or System Alveolar bone Mesoderm Alveolar bone Bone Vomeronasal organ Neural ectoderm Vomoeronasal organ Sensory Pulp mesenchyme Mesoderm and Non- neural ectoderm Pulp Tooth Successional lamina Non-neural ectoderm Secondary tooth Tooth Tome’s fibers Non-neural ectoderm Tome’s fibers Tooth support Inner enamel epithelium Non-neural ectoderm Ameloblasts Protection Maxilla Mesoderm Maxilla Bone Mandible Mesoderm Mandible Bone Labiogingival lamina Non-neural ectoderm Labiogingiva / vestibule Tooth Outer enamel epithelium Non-neural ectoderm Outer enamel epithelium Tooth Pulp Mesoderm and Non- neural ectoderm Pulp Tooth Vestibule Non-neural ectoderm Vestibule Separates gum and lip Enamel space Non-neural ectoderm Enamel space / sulcus Space Dentin Neural crest cells Dentin Tooth Capillaries Mesoderm Capillaries Circulation Lamina propria Non-neural ectoderm Lamina propria Tooth support Odontoblasts
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Unformatted text preview: Neural crest cells Dentin Tooth Ameloblasts Non-neural ectoderm Enamel Protection Cementoblasts Neural crest cells Cenmentoblasts Attachment to bone Dental papilla Mesenchyme Dentine and pulp Tooth Dental lamina Non-neural ectoderm Dental ledge Tooth bud Oral epithelium Non-neural ectoderm Oral epithelium Tooth Predentin Neural crest cells Dentin Tooth Gingival epithelium Non-neural ectoderm Gingiva Tooth support Head mesenchyme Mesoderm and Non-neural ectoderm Head mesenchyme Support Enamel organ Non-neural ectoderm Milk teeth Embryonic tooth Junctional epithelium Non-neural ectoderm Junctional epithelium Support Preameloblasts Non-neural ectoderm Ameloblasts Protection Secular epithelium Non-neural ectoderm Sulcus Space Stellate reticulum Non-neural ectoderm Stellat reticulum Support Vestibular lamina Non-neural ectoderm Vestibule Tooth...
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  • Lamina propria, Tooth development, Ameloblasts Sulcus Stellat reticulum Vestibule, Tooth Tooth Tooth, Ameloblasts Maxilla Mandible Labiogingiva

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