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course hero 22 - Exercise 3 Brooke Bennett Marina has 300...

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Exercise 3 Brooke Bennett Marina has 300 available slips that rent for $900 per person. Payments must be made in full at the start of the boating season, April 1, 2008. Slips for the next season may be reserved if paid for by December 31, 208. Under a new policy, if payment is made by December 31, 2008, a 5% discount is allowed. The boating season ends October 31, and the marina has a December 31 year-end. To provide cash flow for major dock repairs, the marina operator is also offering a 25% discount to slips renters who pay for the 2009 season. For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2007, all 300 slips were rented at full price. Two hundred slips were reserved and paid for the 2008 boating season, and 60 slips were reserved and paid for the 2009 boating season. a. Prepare the appropriate journal entries for fiscal 2007. b. Assume the marina operator is unsophisticated in business. Explain the managerial significance of the accounting above this person. EXERCISE 3 (10–15 minutes) (a) Cash (2007 slips) (300 X $900) .............................................. 270,000
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