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MagneticFieldOfACoil&Permeability - Magnetic Field of a...

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Magnetic Field of a Coil Determination of the Permeability of Free Space Equipment Needed: Air Core Solenoid with known number of coil turns Variable power supply Table clamp and rod Three-finger clamp or burette clamp 2 patch cords Digital multimeter PASCO Xplorer GLX PasPort Magnetic Field Sensor with extender cable Spreadsheet for data recording and graphing PURPOSE The purpose of this lab is to measure the magnetic field strength inside a coil as a function of current flowing in the coil. The result will be used to calculate the permeability of free space. THEORY In 1820, Jean Baptiste Biot together with Felix Savart explored the magnetic field strength near a long straight wire. When the wire is bent into a circular loop, the magnetic field is given by: r I N B o 2 μ = where r is the radius of the coil and I is the current in the coil. When several loops are wound around a tube, the equation is L N I B o μ with L being the length of the tube and N is the number of loops of wire. The constant o μ is
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