Quality management and productivity

Quality management and productivity - Quality Management 1...

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Quality Management 1 Quality Management and Productivity Hector Sierra University of Phoenix Mgt/449
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Quality Management 2 Every maintenance process that is used in Naval Aviation is considered vital to aviation maintenance. Most processes used today have been used for many years and improved due to close observation of the processes. Usually every process runs smoothly except for the supply process. The supply process in aviation can sometimes be complicated and at the same time cost man hours, making it difficult to meet maintenance deadlines. The maintenance process works as follows: Discrepancy> Discrepancy gets written up on Maintenance Action Form> Discrepancy gets written up to prospective shop> Shop puts MAF into work> Maintainer inspects aircraft> Part needs replacement> Maintainer orders Part>Maintenance control approves ordered part>Supply receives order>Maintainer verifies serial number on part>Maintainer annotates awaiting parts until parts received> Parts received> Maintainers goes back into work> Replaces part> Signs MAF off with inspected by signature. This process can become long and strenuous. The squadrons strategic plan is definitely affected by the supply process due to the man hours that it takes to remove and replace parts which ultimately affects aircraft flight hours. The squadrons ultimate strategic plan which is to train pilots and aircrew for the fleet, is somewhat halted due to the lack of available aircraft. If an aircraft becomes damaged in any way, pilots and aircrew must cancel their flight depending on the severity of the damage. At times the severity of the discrepancy is so minor that a qualified collateral duty inspector can advise to let the
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Quality management and productivity - Quality Management 1...

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