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Labor Relations 1 Labor Relations Hector Sierra University of Phoenix Mgt/431
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Labor Relations 2 Labor Relations The right to bargain is one of the beneficial features that a union has, as well as the right to represent bargaining unit employees in many situations. (Noe, Hallenbeck, Gerhert, & Wright). (2003) Having a union in certain organizations can be positive for employees, however, turn around and become negative for organizations. Unions can be stressful for an organization, when employees feel oppressed and have issues with the company. The positive and negative aspects of unions are briefly described throughout this passage. Several important rights are given to employees through a secret ballot election when the union is representing employees. First, it may bargain with agency management over the personnel policies, practices, and working conditions of bargaining unit employees. Personnel policies and practices are the written "rules" that apply to employees, such as rules for the use of leave, how overtime will be assigned, and the length and frequency of breaks. Working conditions include a broad range of matters that are part of or affect the employees' work environment; for example, heat, light, air conditioning, parking, safety and health-related matters. (Noe, Hallenbeck, Gerhert, & Wright. (2003). In addition with the right to bargain, a union also gains the right to represent a  bargaining unit for employees in a variety of situations. U nions are entitled to represent employees who have grievances, or who have investigator discussions, which can lead to disciplinary action.  Furthermore, organizations 
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Labor Relations - Labor Relations 1 Labor Relations Hector...

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