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discrimination simulation 1 - 1 What are some measures a...

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1) What are some measures a company can take to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities, and how does the simulation demonstrate these measures? Some measures a company can take in order to accommodate disabled people is based on the individuals disability. An employer would not assign a person on wheelchair to a position which requires constant mobility, the employer would reasonably place the person where he or she fits. The simulation required that the two best potential employees be chosen to take a position at the company. One the executives pointed out that Oscar Rosenberg had high scores on his exams opposed to three others, but immediately stated that Oscar has travel limitations based on his disability. Due to his qualifications, Oscar was chosen because he was the best candidate, and reasonable accommodations were made in order to sustain his employment with the company. 2) Should factors like personality, attitude toward work, and future upward mobility be considered when hiring? Why or why not? How does the simulation
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