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Career Managment Plan Wk 4 - Career Development Plan III...

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Career Development Plan III Hector Sierra University of Phoenix HRM/531
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MEMO To: Carol Rick From: Hector Sierra University of Phoenix InterClean Career Management Plan InterClean believes that it is very important to create a career management plan for new employees. InterClean believes that certain criteria such as setting goals, evaluating those goals and developing a plan to reach those goals are crucial for all employees. The major priority for this new sales team is to inform each person of what is expected from each and promote performance standards. During the initial orientation and training, the sales team’s expectations will be covered. InterClean will then conduct a quarterly team assessment based on performance. After the completed assessments are carefully analyzed by management, the sales team will receive proper feedback in regards to areas in which the team needs improvements on and individual performance as well. This will bring into perspective what level of goal completion each employee is on and what they need to do to reach company and individual goals. InterClean management is taking responsibility for making sure that the sales team has all the necessary tools for completion of work assignments. Feedback Subordinates who spend more time prior to performance feedback interviews analyzing their job responsibilities and duties, problems they encounter on the job, and the quality of their performance are more likely to be satisfied with the performance management process, more likely to be motivated to improve their performance, and more likely actually to improve. (Cascio, W., 2005) This statement supports the fact that feedback is extremely important at
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Career Managment Plan Wk 4 - Career Development Plan III...

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