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career development plan week 3 - Career Development Plan 2...

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Career Development Plan 2 Hector Sierra University of Phoenix
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MEMO To: Mrs. Rick From: Hector Sierra University of Phoenix 12/08/2008 Training and Mentoring Needs Training consists of planned programs designed to improve performance at the individual, group, and/or organizational levels. Improved performance, in turn, implies that there have been measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and/or social behavior. (Cascio, W., 2005) This statement supports the idea that Interclean must promote a training and mentoring program to assist with employee development. Interclean employees will find that the excellent training and mentoring regimen will not only improve individual skills to perform their jobs more efficiently, but will also be helpful with developing individual occupational goals. By initiating an effective training and mentoring program, Interclean will promote diversity as well as team work. Training ]In order to successfully implement a training and mentoring program for each employee chosen for the sales team, Interclean will implement the use of the individual development plan. The IDP will bring into perspective each employee’s occupational and individual goals. Cascio (2005), states that as a result of needs assessment, it should be possible to determine what workers do, what behaviors are essential to do what they do effectively, what type of learning is necessary to acquire those behaviors, and what type of instructional content is most likely to accomplish that type of learning.41 This information should guide all future choices about training methods and evaluation strategies. With this information, Interclean will be able to collaborate employee ideas and develop an exceptional training and mentoring program. With this information in mind, Interclean will implement mandatory sales training every Friday morning. Being that Interclean sales must improve, training will be mandatory. Eric Borden seems to be an excellent candidate for conducting training on current and the latest industrial
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career development plan week 3 - Career Development Plan 2...

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