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Career development plan summary - Career Development Plan...

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Career Development Plan Summary Hector Sierra University of Phoenix
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MEMO To: Mrs. Rick From: Hector Sierra It has come to upper management’s attention that a restructuring of the sales team here at Kudler Fine Food’s is inevitable. The current sales team will have to be redirected towards only one location and the company will be required to hire several new personnel. Due to Kudler Fine Foods’ recent expansion into Encinitas and now in the process of opening a new location, a new team will be formed. A restructuring of the appraisal system will also take effect. I believe that an overhaul will definitely keep the brand name alive and attract new clientele and at the same time keep our backbone (employees) satisfied. New Positions The company will offer five new positions to head the new location. We will begin with a first level manager, which will be in charge of the new sales team and ensuring completion of the sales teams objectives. The first level manager will be responsible for the daily management of the sales team. The first level manager will use his or her influence to ensure success for the sales team. Since it is rare for a first level manager to have education beyond high school, Kudler Fine Foods will substitute three years supervisory experience for education or a four year course of study leading to a Bachelors Degree for experience. Kudler Fine Foods believes in being successful by having the most talented people running the company. The sales team will need 4 positions total. We will need two people working on the marketing plan for the new location. This position will require an extensive background in sales and marketing with a four year degree or can substitute education for experience. Substitution for education will require a minimum of two years marketing experience with excellent communication skills and knowledge of market trends in the food industry. Kudler Fine Foods will also need a person to handle on-site product inventory. This position will require skills in mathematics as well as purchasing. This position will be vital to the new location in regards to sales because the new location will have to be prepared to handle large sales volumes or steady sales, keeping in mind that all the products are available to the customer in either bulk or small quantity. This position requires a high school diploma and one year minimum experience with inventory. No substitution for education or experience. We will also need one person to handle public relations. The public relations position will require a four year degree in public relations with a minimum two years experience in public relations. This position is important and works alongside the marketing team to boost sales and create relationships with local media to assist with sales as well. Training
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Career development plan summary - Career Development Plan...

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