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Career Development Plan Hector Sierra University of Phoenix HRM/531
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MEMO: To: Carol Rick From: Hector Sierra Re: Career Development Job Analysis By conducting a successful job analysis, I certainly feel that presenting pertinent job information to potential employees will assist us in hiring the best qualified candidates. Therefore, conducting a successful job analysis will help the company identify the certain knowledge, skills, and abilities that are pertinent to the job function. According to (1995-2008), job analysis is a useful technique for getting a firm grip on what really is important in your job so that you are able to perform excellently. It helps you to cut through clutter and distraction to get to the heart of what you need to do. This statement supports the fact that job details are extremely important in the hiring process. I believe that the observation method is most appropriate when conducting a job analysis. The observation method seems to be the most practical because with the direct exposure to jobs, the observation method can provide a richer, deeper understanding of the job requirements than descriptions of what they do (Cascio, 2005). As an observer, I will be able to record exactly what the employee does, the manner in which the work is completed and how long it takes to complete the work which will pin-point the skills necessary to operate. The job analysis for the salesperson position at InterClean includes the following major job functions: 1.Prospect and lead generation which requires the employee to maintain a detailed knowledge of company products, processes, and procedures including but not limited to pricing and time to market. It also requires the ability to identify customer needs and the ability to sell the solution and its value. 2. Contract negotiation which requires command of strong negotiation
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Career Development Plan2 - Career Development Plan Hector...

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