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Business Requirements wk 2 - developing a consistent...

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Business Requirements Business requirements were made to develop system changes in accordance with the organizational goals in order to achieve goals. These requirements are listed below along with how the upgrade will resolve the issue: I. Strategic goals indicate a need to decrease cost with process improvements. As the efficiency and effectiveness is added with real-time tracking of inventory, the cost of producing will decrease because the recorded input of raw materials is far more accurate, the amount of material used in manufacturing is tracked better and the finished products are far more accessible allowing for a less chance of miscounting, false entry, and ordering unnecessary raw materials. II. A sub-goal of the strategic plan is to develop a plan to meet customer deadlines. The RFID implementation is used as a tool for this project. III. Aid in reaching a sales plan consisting of adding new customers, increasing sales to existing customers, and reaching the $50 million sales mark. This will occur due to
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Unformatted text preview: developing a consistent process used by Sales Representatives to allow greater customer care, support and the ability to retain new customers. IV. The budget for the system upgrades has been designated as $100,000. Training and Development The training department is responsible for conducting proper training regarding computerized inventory as well as RFID. Training for both systems will be held quarterly for all employees who work in shipping, manufacturing, and supply, as well as any employee who thinks he or she might need it. By conducting training, employees get a better understanding of how the newly developed system works, and how to properly use the new software omitting any errors. If employees feel like they have not gotten a better feel for the new system, one-on-one training is available with a qualified more knowledgeable employee....
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Business Requirements wk 2 - developing a consistent...

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