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Heart throbs: ‘The Aging Body and the Ontology of Ageing: Athletic Competence in Later Life’ by Emmanuelle Tulle. Match each word on the left with its corresponding phrase on the right. Each answer can only be used once. P a i n Metaphysical study of the nature of existence Habitus Study of the cause of disease Turner Physical & constitutional characteristics, esp. related to the tendency to develop a certain disease Etiology You are ‘old’ because your body is physically old Corporeal realism Position in cognitive science and philosophy emphasizing role the body plays in shaping mind Ontology Fundamental experience of life Embodiment Universal condition of our species Mask approach Biological aging risks the ability to control the body Elias Related line of defense
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Unformatted text preview: Goffman and Bury “I don’t feel old” Frailty Mind and body is linked Answer the following by circling the correct answer as True (T) or False (F) The study asked individuals why they are involved in sport. T F The study did not notice any labour or social relations in clubs. T F Entry into athletics depends on gender, ability, and age. T F Monaghan believes that aging places physical competency at risk. T F Key sources of habitus with sport are age, gender, class, and ethnicity. T F Athletes who reject the veteran movement are less likely to strive for athletic competence. T F Veteran athletes deny bodily aging. T F Veteran athletes reconfigure their mind/body relationship. T F ~ Good luck studying ~...
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