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04weekly - Customer Rider Session Payment Session Booked...

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WebWonder your e-business solution provider www.webwonder.com Account Summary of Bookings and Deposits for Scoot! May 7 Previous amount due $0.00 Payment Received - Balance 0.00 Current charges summary Sessions booked May 1 - 7 210 Charges @ $3 per booking $630.00 GST on current charges 44.10 Total Current Charges including GST $67 4 .10 Please pay upon receipt. To avoid a Late Payment Charge of 1.25% monthly please ensure we receive your payment on or before May 14 Current Charges - Detail
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Unformatted text preview: Customer Rider Session Payment Session Booked Amount Date including GST Jessica Stone Lee Ward 1-May 32.10 1-May 4-5 pm Zack Gardzinski Lee Ward 1-May 32.10 1-May 6-7 pm Peter Ng Allisa Steamer 1-May 64.20 1-May 4-6 pm Marco Macieri Bucky Lasak 1-May 32.10 10-May 3-4 pm Kristie Lima Bucky Lasak 1-May 32.10 2-May 4-5 pm continued… Rob Patel Rush Randle 7-May 32.10 7-May noon - 1pm Deposited to Scoot! Account # 234-567-12 May 8th 6,741.00...
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  • Spring '08
  • Payment, Credit card, Electric charge, Jessica Stone Zack Gardzinski Peter Ng Marco Macieri Kristie Lima, 1-May 1-May 1-May