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17taxes - GST paid to Quickprint 31.50 GST on Fastboard...

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Scoot! May Tax Estimates Amounts remitted June 15th GST GST collected or that became collectible in May: 1,831.20 less: input tax credits i.e., GST paid or payable GST paid to WebWonder 168.84 GST payable to WebWonder 14.28 GST paid on Scooters 504.00 GST on cell phones purchased 268.80 GST payable for phone service plans 44.80
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Unformatted text preview: GST paid to Quickprint 31.50 GST on Fastboard advertising 21.00 GST paid for T-shirts and Back-Packs 70.00 1,123.22 cheque #25 707.98 $ Income Tax: estimated at about 25% of May profits a very rough approximation only - the estimate will be refined later in the year. cheque #26 1,500.00 $...
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