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Use a comma to introduce a quotation after a standard dialogue tag, a brief  introductory phrase, or a dependant clause.  The detective said, "I am sure who performed the murder." As D.H. Nachas explains, "The gestures used for greeting others differ greatly from one culture to another." Put commas and periods within quotation marks, except  when a parenthetical  reference follows. He said, "I may forget your name, but I never forget a face." History is stained with blood spilled in the name of "civilization." Mullen, criticizing the apparent inaction, writes, "Donahue's policy was to do nothing" (24). Place colons and semicolons outside closed quotation marks. Williams described the experiment as "a definitive step forward"; other scientists disagreed. Benedetto emphasizes three elements of what she calls her "Olympic journey": family support, personal commitment, and great coaching. 1
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Quotation Mark Rules - ,abrief...

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