how to write a Cpp block

how to write a Cpp block - How to write a new cpp block of...

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Unformatted text preview: How to write a new cpp block of signal processing C €Ø ¾ ( 1o .h o ˜ - €Ø ¾ ( 2o .cc o 3o À õ ú ¸ª ( • g) 2ç smart pointer ˜ -€ Ø ¾ ( À õú ¸ª ( • g) · 3o .i o .i o SWIG C€ Ø ¾ ( block class o Python è ñ ú ¸ ª methodo v ƒŽéÔ¾ ( p cl E ÿ alE C€Ø¾ ( Makefile o linux è ñ ú ¸ ª ( new block ˜ - € Ø ¾ ( automake, libtools o autotools o .py block class è ñ ú ¸ ª ( 2 import For instance: From gnuradio import nbclass Invoke=nbclass.function( ) Python o ð a lE À õ ú¸ ª ( • .i è ñ ú ¸ ª (”o “ autoconf, 2çĸ Directory Layout File/Dir Name topdir/ topdir/Makefile.common topdir/bootstrap topdir/config topdir/ topdir/src topdir/src/lib topdir/src/lib/ topdir/src/python topdir/src/python/ topdir/src/python/run_tests Comments Top level Common fragment included in sub-Makefiles Runs autoconf, automake, libtool first time through Directory of m4 macros used by Input to autoconf C++ code goes here Python code goes here Script to run tests in the build tree ...
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