2010 - Theory1 19:10 Communications 101 Theory offers some...

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Theory-1 19:10 Communications 101 Theory offers some kind of explanation for what has happened or already happened. What is theory? Theories are abstractions and constructions Theories are an abstractions of a very rich phenomenon Theories are constructions = they are made up by people, they are not created by god. Theories are created by human beings, and usually reflect the author and are biased. Naïve/everyday theory vs. Scholarly theory -stereotypes ; we may have stereotypes of a type of group. o A type of naïve theory because we based this theory on our experiences with other people. Scholarly theories are based on extra careful systematic phenomenon. Different views of scholarly theory: A set of systematic, informed hunches about the way things work o Theories make prediction and shows how things can work o Implies that there is a truth that is waiting to be discovered, and theory can help us understand what it is we need to discover A lens through which to view and understand a phenomenon (humanistic view) Two types of Communication Scholars Social Scientists Construct and test social scientific theory
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o Aka “objective” theory o Interpretive Scholars/Humanists Develop and apply interpretive theory o Aka “rhetorical”, “critical”, ”humanistic” theory Science vs. Interpretation: Example One Two views of a Monster.com Ad Very successful commercial, very persuasive After the commercial the number of website visits skyrocketed. If the communication can elicit past memories in the audience, than it’ll make it
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2010 - Theory1 19:10 Communications 101 Theory offers some...

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