instruct - same as project name), click OK\n"; cout...

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# include <iostream>  using namespace std;  void instruct(void);  int main(void)  instruct();  return 0;  void instruct(void)  cout << "How to create and execute C++ console applications:\n";  cout << "Start (run) MS Visual C++, version 6\n";  cout << "Click File >> New >> Projects\n";  cout << "Select Win32 Console Application, enter project name/location, click  OK\n";  cout << "Select Empty project, click Finish.\n";  cout << "Click OK\n";  cout << "Click File >> New >> Files\n";  cout << "Select C++ Source File, enter name/location for the source file (usually 
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Unformatted text preview: same as project name), click OK\n"; cout << "Enter the source text in the text window just opened\n"; cout << "Click Build >> Compile <file>.cpp or press Ctrl+F7\n"; cout << "Read messages displayed in output pane: in case of errors you should correct the source text. If you succeed, <file>.obj - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s) will display.\n"; cout << "Click Build >> Execute <file>.exe\n"; }...
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