SPP5 - mov dl,al;dl is used by Gotoxy call Randomize mov...

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TITLE SPP5 INCLUDE Irvine32.inc .data x BYTE ? y BYTE ? y .code main PROC call GetMaxXY mov x,dl ;maximum number of columns retured by GetMaxXY mov y,dh ;maximum number of rows returned by GetMaxXY mov ecx,100 ;number of iterations L1: call Randomize ;seed RandomRange mov eax,0 m mov al,x call RandomRange ;RandomRange will produce a number between 0 and x
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Unformatted text preview: mov dl,al ;dl is used by Gotoxy call Randomize mov al,y call RandomRange mov dh,al ;dh is used by Gotoxy mov eax,100 call Delay ;the value in eax is the delay 100 call Gotoxy mov al,'A' call Writechar ;WriteChar writes the character on the console loop L1 exit main ENDP END main...
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