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csr3 - Eneure that eguality pf pay eentinuee te pe...

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Unformatted text preview: Eneure that eguality pf pay eentinuee te pe prieritized, and werlr te inereaee the number at wemen in different peeitiene, and ineluding interne and graduate _ etudente. _ Cemmunieate the reeulte ef the wellpeing deyelepment prejeet and launeh new rneaeuree and eeureee en the paeie pf ite reeulte. Targets far 2009 Actieneflhchieyemente Targete far 2010 _ Equality pf pay between men and wemen in Finland wee premeted threugh payment at a epeeial eduality eupplernent. The prepertien efwemen in pueineee area and eemmen funetien management teame inereaeedfrem13.5%te 21.9% fellewing the eempanye reerganizatien in EDIE. The fattere affecting wellpeing at werl-r were defined and wellpeing- related mattere were highlighted in reyiewing the reeulte efthe pereennel euryey at eempany, pueineee, and team leyel. Feur rehapilitatien eeureee were held. lntredueing glepal remuneratien prineiplee. I Updating the gender eguality plan in Finland. lntredueing a peeitien eyaluatien eeneept fer managerial and prefeeeienal pereennel internatienally. Extending the eiel-t leaye reperting eyetem gleldally. lylenitering wellpeing at warl: threugh pereennel euryeye. Deyeleping a eyetem fer eyaluating the efieetiyeneee pf rehabilitatien eeureee. ...
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