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Unformatted text preview: Year 1 : liquids and soft solids high in protein, fat and calcium. Year 1­3: fat decreases from 55% to 30­40%. 5 servings of 1/2 cups of fluids 500mg/day calcium 11mg Iron 11mg 1300mg Calcium 11mg Zinc 15mg Iron 1300mg Calcium 9mg Zinc Females need more iron do to menstruation. Males need more zinc do to hormonal changes Males and muscle development. and Males and Females: 2­3 servings of milk 2­3 servings of meats 3­5 servings of vegetables 2­4 servings of fruits 6­11 servings of whole wheat carbohydrates. More More calories calories More More Protein Protein Less Iron Less Less Calories Calories Less Less Protein Protein More Iron 30 mg supplement per day of Iron 1200 mg per day of Calcium 2 mg to 4 mg per day of Folate limit fish consumption to 2 servings per week Eat a well balanced diet low in sodium Men and Women: 3 servings of milk 2+ servings of meat 3+servings of vegetables 2+servings of fruit 6+servings of whole grain carbohydrates 8+ servings of water Vitamin D 10ug per day at age 51­70 and 15ug for those over the age of 70. Vitamin B12 Supplements Calcium to Calcium keep bone density thick~ thick~ ...
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