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C&EE 142: Reinforced Concrete Design Prof. Wallace CEE 142 REINFORCED CONCRETE DESIGN PROBLEM SET #3 – DESIGN OF BEAMS PS3-1, PS3-2, PS3-3 Due Wed 1/30/02 PS3-1 For the beam information given in Problem 2-2, compute the maximum quantity of longitudinal reinforcement allowed for cases (a) and (b) for 4,000 psi concrete. For both cases, your solution should include all three approaches covered in class
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Unformatted text preview: (A s,max ρ max a b /d). If your answers differ from one approach to the next, discuss why and indicate which answer is correct. Also compute the minimum amount of reinforcement required for the beams (ACI 318-99 section 10.5; MacGregor page 120/121). PS3-2 Problem 4-7 from MacGregor text. PS3-3 Problem 4-15 from MacGregor text. PS3-4 Problem 4-17 from MacGregor text....
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