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Unformatted text preview: CE 142L REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURAL LABORATORY SLENDER COLUMN EXPERIMENT The column experiment is designed to examine the influence of “slenderness” on the axial load capacity of the column. The slenderness ratio of the column (kl/r) is approximately 70 which exceeds the limit given in ACI 318 Section 10.12.2 for non-sway frames for which slenderness effects can be neglected. Based on the experimental results, your report should provide detailed information on the following items: 1. A plot of the experimentally obtained axial load versus axial deflection relation using the jacking load and LVDT data recorded during the test. Compare the measured data with the theoretical relation given by ∆ = PL/AE. Use both design (i.e., f y = 40 ksi and f’ c = 4 ksi) and tested material strengths. 2. A plot of the experimentally obtained axial deflection versus lateral deflection at midheight of the column. Compare the experimental results with the calculated relation based on the information column....
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