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CE 142L REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURAL LABORATORY BEAM-COLUMN JOINT EXPERIMENT The joint experiment is designed to examine the load versus displacement response of a beam- column joint subassembly. The primary issues to be examined include: load-deflection relations for flexural deformations, anchorage requirements for beam and column bars within the joint region, joint behavior, and shear strength of the beam, column, and joint. Based on the experimental results, your report should provide detailed information (and discussion) on the following items: 1. A plot of the measured versus predicted load-displacement relation for the specimen. Predict the displacement for the following points: (a) just prior to beam cracking, (b) just prior to column cracking, (c) at beam yielding, (d) for an extreme fiber compression strain of 0.003 for the beam, and (e) for an extreme fiber compression strain of 0.007 for the beam. Be careful to use the correct dimensions and support conditions, and assume the joint is rigid.
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