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Week 7 Day 7 Eth 125 Assignment Hispanic American Diversity

Week 7 Day 7 Eth 125 Assignment Hispanic American Diversity...

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Hispanic American Diversity 1 Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity Sonja Saltzgiver Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Hispanic American Diversity 2 The Mexican Americans have to fight to communicate because of the language barrier. Difficulty was not just from translation of Spanish to English, but from different dialects of the Spanish language too. More and more Mexicans are voting and they tend to vote on the Democratic side more than the Republic. Politics have played a major role in Mexican American lives; deportation is one way that has had a negative affect on them even today. Education is the one key part of the community setting for the young people; with the introduction of bi-lingual education, Hispanic children have started to gain on others in this area. Due to labeling as lazy people, Mexican Americans deal with being thrown over for employment, as a result creating a truth in the stereotype of being poverty stricken. The strongest group any Mexican American belongs to is their religious belief group; usually the Roman Catholic Church is the church to which they belong. In the past the church stayed out of the affairs of the immigrants and the troubles they had assimilating to the United States. Today the church is getting more involved in the community and has made an effort to make sure that Spanish speaking clergy are in the parishes. Mexican Americans have a strong family and they are more bonded then white Americans are in this area. This can be good and bad, good due to the strong bond formed and support during times of need but, bad because it can cause isolation and discourage the younger set from leaving the family for jobs and advanced education. In the end it looks like Mexican Americans are making efforts to fit in to society in the US. This assimilation may sadly cause them to lose a part of their heritage, and family values. The end result may not be a positive for them, but it looks like it is something that is going to happen regardless of the fight to stop it.
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