Wireless Networking - connection to the public are called...

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Wireless Networking 1 Wireless Networking Sonja Saltzgiver Axia College
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Wireless Networking 2 Wireless networking has won over a majority of homeowners due to its convenience for mobility. The growing popularity of laptops and gaming systems have created a demand for wireless internet connections. Wireless networking has several advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are the ease of adding computers or systems without the constrictions of wires, signals are accessible through doors and walls, and the lack of cable that can cause tripping accidents. Some of the disadvantages are that the setup is sometimes more difficult, there is the risk of others using the connection, the connection can be slower, and the network can be less stable. Wireless has become popular with the businesses as well as the homeowner. This is due to the increasing demand for wireless connection in public places. Places that offer wireless
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Unformatted text preview: connection to the public are called “hot spots”. Three internet hot spots in or around Lebanon, TN are Mapco, Hampton Inn and Suites, and Comfort Inn. (OpenWi-FiSpots, 2007)The Wi-Fi™ connection at these locations is free to the users. At the hotels there is usually a requirement that you are a guest or a visitor to one of the guests. At Mapco, users can access the internet anytime they wish without restrictions. As the wireless network gains popularity, there will be a demand for better technology to ensure security and speed for its users. This is what the consumers want and they will not be satisfied until it is received. Wireless Networking 3 References OpenWi-FiSpots. (2007). Open Wi-Fi Spots in Lebanon, TN . Retrieved 06 19, 2009, from Open Wi-Fi Spots: http://www.openwifispots.com/Finder.aspx? City=Lebanon&State=TN#36.2084,-86.2914,11...
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Wireless Networking - connection to the public are called...

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