Exam 3 bolded terms

Exam 3 bolded terms - Chapter 7 Celluloid a transparent and...

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Chapter 7 Celluloid : a transparent and pliable film that can hold a coating of chemicals sensitive to light Kinetograph : an early movie camera developed by Thomas Edison’s assistant in the 1890s Kinetoscope : before the days of videotape, a 1950s technique for preserving TV broadcasts by using a film camera to record a live TV show off a studio monitor Vitascope : a large screen movie projection system developed by Thomas Edison Narrative films: movies that tell a story, w/ dramatic action and conflict emerging mainly from individual characters Nickelodeons : the first small makeshift movie theaters, which were often converted cigar stores, pawnshops, or restaurants redecorated to mimic vaudeville theaters Vertical integration : the phenomenon of controlling a mass media industry at its 3 essential levels: production, distribution, and exhibition; usually for the film industry Studio system : an early film production system that constituted a sort of assembly line process for moviemaking; major film studios controlled not only actors but also directors, editors, writers, and other employees, all of whom worked under exclusive contracts Block booking : an early tactic of movie studios to control exhibition involving pressuring theater operators to accept marginal films with no stars in order to get access to films with the most popular stars Movie palace : ornate, lavish single screen movie theaters that emerged in the 1910s in the US Multiplexes : contemporary movie theaters that exhibit many movies at the same time on multiple screens Big Five/ Little Three : from the late 1920s through the late 1940s, the major movie studios that were vertically integrated and that dominated the industry. The big 5 were Paramount, MGM, Warner Bros, 20 th Century Fox, and RKO. The little Three were those studios that did not own theaters: Columbia, Universal, and United Artists Talkies : movies w/sound that began in 1927 Newsreels : weekly 10 minute magazine style compilations of filmed news event from around the world organized I
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Exam 3 bolded terms - Chapter 7 Celluloid a transparent and...

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