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Week 8 Communication Plan - 8 Communication Plan The...

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8. Communication Plan The communication process with the stakeholders is very important. The project manager will have weekly contact through the email system that was set up at the onset of the project. For emergency or immediate concerns, there were phone numbers provided to all persons involved with the project. 1. Risks and issues management 1.1. Potential exceptions and problems As with any project, problems or exceptions may arise. Contact with the stakeholders throughout all concerns and changes. Unstable floor foundation – stabilize floor Leaking Roof – hire roofer to fix concern Damaged merchandise upon delivery – contact shipper and get merchandise reshipped 1.2. Appropriate corrective measures With the stabilizing of the floor, the team needs to replace the wood or beams that are creating the concern. All of these needs to be checked by the inspector before work can proceed. A leaking roof is a definite concern. This needs to be addressed by the home owner. The team can assist with contacting a roofing contractor, but has no liability with the concern.
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