Multivitamin Review - the ingredients. The consequences of...

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Multivitamin Review 1 Multivitamin Review Multivitamin Review Sonja Saltzgiver Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Multivitamin Review 2 The multivitamin taken in my household is sufficient for my diet. It covers the recommendations extremely well and only has a minimal amount of the vitamins and minerals that we consume in our foods. This is so the body does not get toxic. The vitamins in the supplement will suffice for most of the daily recommendations, although the vitamins and minerals that are not present in the actual recommended amounts can be met through the food that is consumed. As a general rule, one should try to get as much of the natural vitamins and minerals as possible and use the multivitamin as a last resort. But this is a personal opinion. Benefits of taking a multivitamin will range in degree according to the specific supplement. Some of the benefits are better dental health, better heart health, and general health. If a multivitamin is taken in excess, the person will run the risk of toxicity from a variety of
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Unformatted text preview: the ingredients. The consequences of iron toxicity are different than that of copper, zinc, selenium, or iodine. And the symptoms range from nausea to vomiting, or as serious as death. Toxicity is when the body receives too much of a substance and cannot handle the intake. The body tries to rid itself of the excess, but cannot in some cases. That is when it is stored, causing the toxic situation. There is also the fact that if the body does not receive enough of some vitamins, such as zinc, the body will be deficient in its immune functionality. The risks differ for each ingredient and with each amount over or under. Taking care to watch the amounts we absorb will be the difference in a healthy life or one of illness and shortened life span. Multivitamin Review 3 References Grosvenor, M. B. (2006). Nutrition: Everyday choices. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. FloraGLO. (2009). Equate Comlete Multivitamin....
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Multivitamin Review - the ingredients. The consequences of...

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