Assignment Week 2 - Over view & Goals Contact Me...

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Unformatted text preview: Over view & Goals Contact Me Business Projects Pictures Phot oshop Creations PowerPoint Projects Testimonials About Me Home Page Site Structure 1 Project Proposal: Site Structure Project Proposal: Site Structure Sonja Saltzgiver Axia College of University of Phoenix Site Structure 2 With every new venture comes experimentation. I have attempted to start my own web site before, to no avail. I either chose the wrong venue or had the wrong timing. I believe, because of this class, I will have the knowledge to try again. I chose the web structure because I do not want to limit the way the viewer chooses to look at the site. I want them to be able to freely go where they wish without having to go to the home page every time. Art is subjective and the people that come to my site need to feel unrestricted, I believe that this will open up the site for more people to visit. By keeping an index of pages visible and on every page, the viewer can jump around and go where they wish, when they wish....
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Assignment Week 2 - Over view & Goals Contact Me...

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