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SPEECH OUTLINE - SPEECH OUTLINE Abstract Green thinking and...

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SPEECH OUTLINE Abstract: Green thinking and production have become essential elements to any company’s survival in today’s market. Recent regulations from the EPA on mercury emissions from kilns and carbon dioxide’s proposed classification as a GHG in the eyes of the Clean Air Act have forced Colosse to re-evaluate its environmental impact in production. I researched green cement technology as a solution for the optimization of cement production at Colosse. I. Introduction “Good morning. My name is Josh Lewis and I am a Cement Production Analyst at Colosse Cement Company. I have recently completed my research on green cement production and today I want to persuade you to consider green cement…” II. Government Restrictions on Cement Production “I began by researching the current regulations on cement production, as well as regulations proposed in the future A. Carbon Dioxide classified as a GHG in Clean Air Act B. EPA proposition to cut down mercury emissions from kilns III.
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  • Spring '10
  • Riecke
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency, cement production, green cement technology, Cement Production Analyst

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