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ProgressReportFinal - Student Progress Report Assignment...

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Student Progress Report Assignment Josh Lewis Progress Report English 415, Marcella Reekie November 1, 2009 Colosse Cement Co. 2895 Narrows Colorado Springs, CO 80408 (913) 555-2009 To: Peter Epaphras, Research and Development Hans Grunzfeld, CEO From: Josh Lewis, Cement Production Analyst Date: November 1, 2009 Subject: Progress report on literature search of green cement technology to achieve maximum economical and environmental efficiency in cement production References: Project Proposal, Approval of Project Proposal Introduction : On October 12, 2009 I sent a request to the head of Research and Development, Peter Epaphras, to research green cement technology as a means to achieve maximum efficiency in cement production. The need for the cement industry to maximize its environmental and economic efficiency has risen from recent pushes by the EPA and other environmental agencies to decrease harmful emissions from cement production. One of these recent regulations limiting mercury emissions from kilns has the potential to cost the cement industry $340 million dollars, placing it in jeopardy of instability during this time of economic difficulty (3). This research will provide information on green cement as an option to increase efficiency and decrease emissions. Green cement technology has the potential to cut emissions and increase efficiency in the cement industry, but green cement is a diverse technology. My research will provide insight into the top green cement options, and compare this technology to traditional cement from an economic and environmental standpoint. There are a number of factors that increase efficiency in this industry, and my research will lay out which factors are most important to achieve the efficiency that environmental agencies are forcing. I will complete the following tasks to provide Colosse the essential information to evaluate options to achieve maximum efficiency: (1) Evaluate the requirements made by the EPA and other environmental agencies for harmful gas and waste emissions. (2) Research the advantages and disadvantages of green technology from the economical and environmental standpoint. (3) Research a cost comparison between traditional and green cement. (4) Investigate the most efficient location for green cement production.
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This report contains the research I have completed up to this point. I have found the governing restrictions in cement production, the economic and environmental advantages and drawbacks to green cement technology, and began the location of the optimal location for green cement technology to be employed. To complete the research into green cement, further research into the cost analysis of the technology and ideal location of green cement production is required. Task Summary:
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ProgressReportFinal - Student Progress Report Assignment...

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