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General Quotes: “The industry’s heavy reliance on coal leads to especially high emission levels of CO 2 , nitrous oxide, and sulphur, among other pollutants. A sizeable portion of the electricity used is also generated from coal.” “In the United States, producing the roughly 80 million tons of cement used in 1992 required about .5 quadrillion Btus or quads (1 quad = 10 15 Btus). This is roughly .6% of total U.S. energy use, a remarkable amount given the fact that in dollar value, cement represents only about .06% of the gross national product. Thus, cement production is approximately ten times as energy intensive as our economy in general. In some Third World countries, cement production accounts for as much as two-thirds of total energy use, according to the Worldwatch Institute.” Problem 1 – Harmful Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Production “Most of the CO2 emissions take place during the heating of the raw materials. Most of the efforts in reducing CO2 emissions will therefore be focused on the energy use.”
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  • Spring '09
  • Rieck
  • total energy use, Portland Cement Association, cement production, Colosse Cement Co., traditional cement production

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