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Green Cement Technology: A Literature Review SUBMITTED TO: Hans Grunzfeld Chief Executive Officer Colosse Cement Co. SUBMITTED BY: Josh Lewis Cement Production Analyst 1 December 2009
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406 Marlatt Hall Manhattan KS, 66506 (913)909-6233 [email protected] 1 December 2009 Mr. Hans Grunzfeld, CEO Colosse Cement Co. 2895 Narrows Colorado Springs, CO 80408 (913) 555-2009 Mr. Grunzfeld, I have completed my formal report, “Green Cement Technology: A Literature Review,” that was approved by the head of Research and Development, Peter Epaphras, on October 12, 2009. I have submitted the report, which investigates green cement technology. The report is divided into five sections: a review of the government restrictions on cement production (pg ), green cement technology (pg ), optimal locations for implementation (pg ), recent applications of green cement technology (pg ), and cost analysis of green cement technology (pg ). The research demonstrates green cement technology’s ability to improve efficiency and that green cement technology is in successful application in companies around the world. This research provides Colosse with the relevant information to make an educated decision on future optimization of cement production required by future regulations by the EPA. The knowledge of where the problems lie in current cement production, and the advantages green cement technology provides in response to these problems, allows
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