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COUNTRY CASE REPORT #2 Student Name: ____________________________________________ Student ID: ________________________________________________ Country: ___________________________________________________ CRITERIA Points Received Maximum Points 1. How does domestic politics (e.g., political system/politicians and the politics of identity) affect the globalization policy of ______? 25 2. Whether increased trade has lower prices, raise real income, and lower inflation rates in ______? And whether ______ is following the state capitalism model or the development leads to democracy model? 25 3. Whether_______ has institutions/laws in place (or citizens in ____
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Unformatted text preview: have done) to make multinational corporations accountable? And whether there is evidence that multinational corporations are practicing global corporate citizenship in ______ or not? 25 4. Minimum 5 scholarly resources (3 points each) 15 5. Minimum page requirement (5 – 8 pages) 5 6. Organization 5 Total Points 100 Turnitin Deduction-30 Case report turned in late can only be approved by the lead TA/instructor in which the lead TA/Instructor will determine points deducted.-N/A CASE REPORT GRADE: ____________...
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