INTB 3350 Test 1 Study Guide

INTB 3350 Test 1 Study Guide - INTB 3350 Test 1 Study Guide...

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INTB 3350 Test 1 Study Guide This exam, like all of the other exams that you will take in this course, contains 50 multiple- choice questions. Each question is worth two points. Remember that you are responsible for bringing your own scantron and pencils. The scantron that you should use is the 8 ½ by 11 inch blue scantron that is available for sale in the bookstore. As far as distribution of questions, there will be 5 questions from Chapter 1, 8 questions each from Chapters 2 and 4, 12 questions from Chapter 3 and 13 questions from Chapter 5. There will also be 4 questions from among the Chapter 1 – 5 video clips. In preparing for the test, I suggest that you first read the chapter in the book, view the video clips, then review the chapter notes and, finally, review the test study guide. You may also find it helpful to use the Self Check link to the textbook publisher’s website where you can take a short multiple-choice quiz for each chapter. You should also be aware that several questions use the terms ‘not’ and ‘except’ or ‘true’ and ‘false.’ Keep in mind that with this type of question, you are looking for ‘incorrect’ rather than ‘correct’ answers. I suggest that if you have had problems with these types of questions in the past, circle or underline the word ‘not’ or ‘except’ or ‘true’ or ‘false’ as a reminder that the question requires a different thought process than the other questions on the exam. In general, many of the questions on the exam test your knowledge of the definition and application of key terms (i.e., those terms that are printed in bold print in your textbook and are defined in the margins). In addition, you should be able to distinguish between various theories that are presented in your textbook and you should know the key aspects of each theory. Unless
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INTB 3350 Test 1 Study Guide - INTB 3350 Test 1 Study Guide...

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