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INTB 3350 INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Fall 2009 (Revised 9/21 to show correct exam times) Professor: Bill Walker, Ph.D. Office: 310A Melcher Hall Office Hours: None Email: [email protected] Website: Required Text: (Selected Material From) Global Business Today (6 th ed), Hill, C.W.L. . 2009. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions. ISBN: 978-0-07-734816-8 or ISBN: 0-07-734816-8 Course Objectives The primary objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the main concepts related to the international environment in which business is conducted today. Students are expected to be able to understand the global economy as well as the structural frameworks that influence an organization’s global operations. By the end of the term you should: 1. understand the economic, political/legal and cultural forces that influence international business; 2. be aware of the increase in international business activities, the reasons behind this trend, and the trade agreements that are in place in different regions of the world; 3. understand basic trade theory and the global exchange rate system; 4. be able to coherently explain the different entry modes that a company can utilize in entering a foreign market and when each entry mode should be used; 5. be aware of the impact of the ‘international’ nature of business on various functional areas within a multinational corporation. Class Format This is an online course. The only time that the class will meet on-campus is on the days that examinations are scheduled. Orientation It is important that you read the online orientation for this course. You may access the orientation through the Distance Education website or, after classes have begun, by clicking on the orientation icon on the course WebCT home page. Examinations
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There will be three examinations. The dates of the examinations are shown in the Class Schedule section of the syllabus. Each exam is worth 100 points. None of your test scores will be dropped . However, I am aware that everyone occasionally has “a bad day.” Therefore, your lowest score from the three exams will be cut in half and your highest score will be increased by 50%. For example, if your exam scores were 70, 90 and 100, the 100 would be increased by 50% (150 points) and the 70 would be cut in half (35 points). These scores would then be added to the middle score (90 points) in order to calculate your final grade (275 points or an A in this example). In effect, there are actually 300 total points possible in the
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Syllabus Fall 09 (Revised) - INTB 3350 INTRODUCTION TO...

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