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INVISIBLE LIGHT radio microwave infrared visible ultraviolet x-rays gamma rays higher frequency & lower wavelength & more energy --------------->>> Infrared Anything not at absolute zero emits this radiation (hotter things are more blue, then white, then red) Tungsten light bulbs emit lots of IR (so do CFLs) Heat lamps Spying/special mission operations [x-ray backscatter also used to find illegal immigrants in trucks] Trees and clouds (sleeping under them) Earth surface temperatures Weather satellites Stinger missiles Remote controls To keep houses cool you can use infrared cool roofs Infrared astronomy and firefighting (particles of smoke is smaller than the infrared) Ultraviolet Black lights emit UV to help see things that fluoresce Detergents - absorbing UV and emitting it as visible light (fluorescence) Sunburn / Windburn (same thing) Disinfection via UV because it causes mutations in DNA Cancer from mutations of DNA Ozone created by UV light.
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Unformatted text preview: O2 broken into O & O which then recombine with O2 to make O3 ozone Ozone Hole over the South Pole Created by CFCs and Freon very good at turning ozone into O2 This problem is currently stable and not really related to global warming medical technology type of wave what it senses x-rays x-rays bones emit x-rays when the stop CAT (computer aided tomography) x-rays heavy elements (bones) PET (positron emission tomography) gamma rays drink a positron emitter, positron hits an electron and emits a gamma ray and the particles are annihilated, region that doesnt work is blank, hyperactive will be bright thermography infrared new technique breast cancer MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) magnets detect wobble in the hydrogen nuclei soft tissue (lots of hydrogen) ultrasound high frequency sound waves unborn fetuses Ultrasound also use to clean things, and for sonar (bats & submarines)...
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